Our Environmental Policy:

We approach to environmental management is based on the principles of the environmental standard, we ensure that our practices and business processes are compliant with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations. Our environmental policy outlines our dedication to the environment. We are committed to the establishment of policies, procedures and work practices for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner. we provide all staff with instruction, supervision and training to ensure that our environmental objectives are achieved.

We are committed to the following objectives to ensure that we sustain an environmentally aware business culture:

  • The correct handling and disposal of waste
  • Recycling strategies
  • Integrating environmental management into decision making processes
  • The education and training of staff
  • Exploring best practice
  • Energy management
  • Water management

Further to our committed efforts to preserve environment, we have also introduced ‘A tree for every website’ initiative. By choosing to plant a tree for every project success of small achievement, we aim to help Green India rural landscape. We hope to make a small impact on our environment and help make a difference for future generations.

We are hoping very soon we can send at least one indoor or outdoor plants to client as a gift to end of every project. Our strategic partners lead bio-diverse conservation plantings, using carefully selected native species to create habitats that are more resilient to Indian climate and support natural ecosystems and wildlife.