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About Software Development

As a website design and development agency, we solve marketing problems by creating a web strategy that generates high website traffic + increases app downloads. Our focus relies on creating delightful user experience making every visitor stand and notice your work.

Our web design and development experts focus on designing websites that don't just look good, they perform, they convert. We work on Woocommerce, PHP CodeIgniter and Shopify for creating conversion-driven ecommerce stores. Be it more inquiries, increase sales or brand awareness, we plan your web development activity to achieve that outcome.

We don’t sell packages. Your business is unique, not a commodity. It requires a humane approach to solve problems. We bring that humane touch in all our conversations. You can set up a call to understand, if we really walk the talk.

Web Development:

We will help you to streamline your business & boost efficiency in Global market with custom-built Web Development. Professional and outstanding ideas of our passionate team makes us unique in every sense. From basic website to large complex websites, we create every website with love. Modern, user friendly designs with rich, interactive features, is what you can expect from us.

Ready to Help your businesses make success online…

Website Design and Development:
  • From basic to highly advanced websites
  • Clean HTML5 codes
  • With Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Designs using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) and technologies such as bootstrap and less.
  • Search engine friendly and optimised development, to name a few things.
Database integrations:
  • We have hands-on experience with many types of database integration.
Content Management System:
  • Synapse uses many powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) from its highly flexible proprietary Synapse CMS to open source CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.
  • Synapse team is well skilled and capable to develop custom plugins or features required for your project.
Customised Ordering systems:
  • Many types of custom built online ordering systems, quote builders, cost-estimators, invoice payment solutions and more

Website Design:

We design websites to attract, retain and enhance the client business Local to Global.

We consider web design to be one of the most crucial factors for any successful website. We justify every aspect of the design to ensure that each element is serving a specific purpose and that your website is truly designed to attract, retain and enhance the user experience. A fresh looking website makes your online presence more effective and helps in attracting new customers in this ever changing market and fierce competition.

Web design is of utmost importance for any business to grow Globally. In most cases, it is the first/ helpful point of contact for any business type of awareness. It instantly portrays the company’s brand and message. Web-design impacts the positioning of your products & services in the consumer mind. A professionally designed website will not only help you attract new business but will also build more interest from your existing customers. A good web-design should involve the visitors emotionally with your products and services and ultimately lead to a sale.

So, our graphics design team looks for design elements that exhibit your products or services in the most exhilarating way. We will endeavor to create websites that will help you turn the visitors into customers.

Ever changing business trends follow the leader who has dared to seek new ways to exhibit their website using creative ideas, intelligent architecture and user-friendly navigation.

We worked to design explicitly for your business’s message with elegant web-designs so that your website reaches a different level of appreciation by visitors and is acclaimed widely.

It’s very simple, our experienced team of graphic designers put together some concepts or mock-up designs based on the initial brief that we receive from you. We then fine-tune the design if required or start again if you are not satisfied with the design. You know your business better than anyone else. We incorporate all your instructions and then make suggestions to make the most of your website real estate. After your further feedback and instructions, we evolve the best possible website designs that can best serve your business needs and boost your business online!

We formulated a unique web-design process, empowering you to better demonstrate your product and service with paramount professionalism. Our eye-catching designs suit anyone looking for basic website to most sophisticated ecommerce websites and web-applications. User-friendly navigation with fast page uploads and Call-to-action driven layouts, is what you can expect from S R - Software services website design & web-development services.

So, look no further! Contact us now to arrange a meeting to discuss your web-design requirements. It’s Free; no obligation, no strings attached.

As your website grows and traffic increases, you need to look into strategies to convert more visitors to customers. Website traffic alone is not a solution for generating more business online. For medium to large websites, you need to consider mini-sites, digital marketing, social media marketing to help convert traffic into profit. In such cases, web-design strategy requires dedicated landing pages and it to direct visitors to the information they are looking for faster than usual. Within days of commencing the project our professional graphic design team will present a series of designs made specifically with your target market in mind. With your feedback, our graphics designers will refine the designs to your satisfaction.

We focus on the end-users and justify every aspect of the website to ensure that it is truly designed to attract, retain and convert users.

Why do our clients love us?

Growth focused strategies

We focus on results to grow the client business local standard to global. We have help our clients increase revenue, improve productivity and save costs. Your success really is our passion.

Creative design & development

We create beautiful modern, user friendly designs with rich, interactive features. Every business is different. We include target market profile as well as user behavior into the creative process

On time delivery

Pressed for time? No problem! We have even delivered a 100-page website in 10 working days from concept to launch. We deliver quality work fast.

Excellent support

We provide fast & cost effective support. We have a dedicated support team to ensure you can focus on your business when disasters strike. We really do care.